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WLS Short Story Workshops

A Wisdom Like a Stone (WLS) workshop lasts four months (17 weeks).  Each workshop has a designated workshop leader (who is also a full participant in the workshop).  It is designed for part-time writers (i.e. writers with day jobs). First, two guiding principles: 1) Working …

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Short Fiction and Public Policy

I'll think about why I like this story later.  Right now I just want to recommend it (and the magazine it was published in: American Short Fiction).  The

America Speaking Out?

Winston Churchill said that "the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."  If you spend a few minutes on the site linked below, you

Gallup on Gay Marriage

Fourteen years of survey data broken down by political and ideological subgroups: We've come a long


An Unbiased, Informative Post on the Federal Budget, the Deficit, and the National Debt

[Photo Credit] My only intent is to inform.  Really. First, go to Office of Management and Budget.  Start with the Summary Tables (2011 Fed


On Rand Paul, Private Property, and What it Means to be a U.S. Senator (Short)

[Photo Credit] [Note: This is shortened version of a longer post.] Rand Paul, the Republican nominee  in Kentucky for the U.S. Senate, says he doesn't support


On Rand Paul, Private Property, and What it Means to be a U.S. Senator

[Photo Credit] I just watched a clip of the Rand Paul, the Republican nominee in the race to represent the state of Kentucky in the U.S. Senate


Protected: Just in Time

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Seven Dumb Arguments Cluttering Up the Same-Sex Marriage Discourse

[Photo Credit] We should be having a national dialogue about whether or not same-sex marriage is good public policy.  We’re not.  Instead we’ve got groups of like-minded

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