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Heroic Aspirations, Gay Marriage, and the Mormon Church

My name is Brent Beal, I’ve been married for eighteen years, my wife and I have three beautiful kids, we are both university professors, we’re Mormon, and we support gay marriage.

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Why All Mormon Women Should Wear Pants to Church

[Photo Credit] All groups have their idiosyncrasies.  Mormons are no different, although there are days when I suspect we have more than our fair share of quirks. Today’s


Elder Packer and the Tilt of the Earth’s Axis

[Photo Credit] His name was Tom McGraw and I couldn't have asked for a better neighbor.  He was like a grandfather to me.  He was patient, even gracious,


A Modest Immigration Proposal

[Photo Credit] Let's start with Mr. Jorge Salinas, Mexican, 43, married, with one daughter about to graduate from college.  He speaks a little English, has gotten by


Prop 8 Overturned: Quick Comments

[Photo Credit] Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Prop 8 today (in case you haven't heard).  His decision includes a number of important findings that will shape both future


Same-Sex Marriage: Calling BS on the Religious Freedom Argument

[Photo Credit] We all know the game.  It's called CHEAT in Britain, BULLSHIT in the U.S. (or sometimes, in more restrained circles, I DOUBT IT).  You start with a standard


An Unbiased, Informative Post on the Federal Budget, the Deficit, and the National Debt

[Photo Credit] My only intent is to inform.  Really. First, go to Office of Management and Budget.  Start with the Summary Tables (2011 Fed


On Rand Paul, Private Property, and What it Means to be a U.S. Senator (Short)

[Photo Credit] [Note: This is shortened version of a longer post.] Rand Paul, the Republican nominee  in Kentucky for the U.S. Senate, says he doesn't support


On Rand Paul, Private Property, and What it Means to be a U.S. Senator

[Photo Credit] I just watched a clip of the Rand Paul, the Republican nominee in the race to represent the state of Kentucky in the U.S. Senate


Seven Dumb Arguments Cluttering Up the Same-Sex Marriage Discourse

[Photo Credit] We should be having a national dialogue about whether or not same-sex marriage is good public policy.  We’re not.  Instead we’ve got groups of like-minded

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