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  1. BD Beal says:

    Question for ya’ll. How do you generate ideas for your short stories? Think about the stories you’re the most proud of–where did you get the idea for the story? Just curious. I’m going to reflect a bit, then answer my own question. I’d like to compare my response to yours.

  2. Chrissy says:

    Good question. I usually start with a character, place, or theme, and then just start writing and see what happens. I also like to get inspiration from other places – my favorite story is based on a poem by Anne Sexton. East Texas also has really great new stories that spark plot lines. Mostly, though, I believe you can’t wait for inspiration, and I just start typing and see what comes out.

    • BD Beal says:

      Hmm. The last story I wrote (Knowledge Like Snow on a Rooftop–the one I read at the last reading) was written around the idea of God as “motion” rather than something infinite or fixed or seminal–and the entire story was written to get to the last two paragraphs. . . I’m not sure that’s a good approach. . . What’s your favorite story? Which Anne Sexton poem?

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