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Elder Packer and the Tilt of the Earth’s Axis

A thoughtful to response to Boyd K. Packer’s address in the Sunday morning session of the 180th Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, October, 2010).

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Prop 8 Overturned: Quick Comments

[Photo Credit] Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Prop 8 today (in case you haven't heard).  His decision includes a number of important findings that will shape both future


Same-Sex Marriage: Calling BS on the Religious Freedom Argument

[Photo Credit] We all know the game.  It's called CHEAT in Britain, BULLSHIT in the U.S. (or sometimes, in more restrained circles, I DOUBT IT).  You start with a standard


Seven Dumb Arguments Cluttering Up the Same-Sex Marriage Discourse

[Photo Credit] We should be having a national dialogue about whether or not same-sex marriage is good public policy.  We’re not.  Instead we’ve got groups of like-minded

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